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Everyone should have a home, as it is the foundation to their individual health and wellness, and to the health and wellness of the community. The Housing and Homelessness Partnership is committed to ending homelessness, and improving affordable housing options in Halifax.

Whitepapers & Research

The latest surveys and research will be posted in this section. We will also profile recent and relevant work of other organizations.

Canada's National Housing Strategy: A Place to Call Home


2016 Halifax Living Wage


Density Bonusing


2015 Halifax Homeless Point in Time Count


Housing Needs Assessment Summary


Housing Needs Assessment


The Cost of Poverty in Toronto


Neighbourhood Income Inequality in Toronto/Canada


Housing Consultation Report


Myths in Homelessness

There are many myths that surround homelessness. Help educate yourself and others on the common inaccuracies in current thinking.

Myth #1 Homeless people are lazy and should just get a job

Wrong. Many people who are homeless are employed or would like to be.  Without a home it is very difficult to apply for a job, write a resume, give references, and dress appropriately for an interview.

Myth #2 People have a choice and choose to be homeless

Wrong. Most people do not choose to be homeless, rather it is something that they fall into due to circumstances – sometimes of their own making and often due to environmental circumstances.  Many people who are homeless have mental health issues that are not addressed.

Myth #3 Homeless people don’t want a home and regular lifestyle

Wrong. While many homeless people get used to life on the streets and it is an adjustment to change this lifestyle, most homeless people want a home and to be contributing members of the community.

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