Bold. Courageous. Committed.

We are a coalition of nine partners committed to change. Together with the community we are working to end homelessness and housing poverty in Halifax.

Who We Are

The Housing and Homelessness Partnership is a collaborative that engages the community at all levels. Nine partners from the three levels of government, private, and non-profit sector, came together in this community initiative with a mandate to end homelessness and housing poverty in Halifax.

An end to Homelessness and Housing Poverty

All nine partners contribute to the work of the Partnership through financial and supporting resources. We will engage other parties and the greater community to affect change that is strategic and solution focused. United Way Halifax is the Secretariat for the group.

Our working groups allow us to collaborate with a larger community of stakeholders to identify issues, recommend options, develop and implement work plans. This is where the mandate of the Partnership and the work associated with it takes place.


Our Charter outlines how we will work together, the work we want to accomplish, and our values. It is the foundational piece from which our actions and work flows.

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